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  • Captivating Colors That Show The Hidden Charming and Adorable Lady Inside of You.
  • Made From Ultra Futuristic Fabric That Keeps You Dry and Comfortable.
  • The Top is Designed to Help Improve Your Posture While Working Out.
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Empower Your Look With The Psychology Of Color

Black Demonstrates Your Preference For Elegance And Luxury.

Who doesn’t love wearing black? One of the most flattering, classy, and versatile colors, black is well-loved in women’s apparel for its ability to give your body the illusion of being slimmer. The color black symbolises many things: power, elegance, luxury, and authority being a few.
When worn at work, black exudes leadership, while a sexy little black dress is the ideal stylish look when you are on a date, but when it comes to the gym, black make people subconsciously look at you as the tough girl.
However, too much of black in your outfit may make you seem unapproachable, cold, or harsh, so break up the look with accessories or different textures.

Blue Represents Loyalty, Confidence, and Success.

Blue is a color that represents loyalty, peace, confidence, and success. It is a soothing color that makes people around you feel comfortable. Research has found that this color causes the human body to produce certain chemicals that have calming properties.

Navy blue is the go-to color for a job interview. It portrays a sense of being ‘in control’ and is considered to be one of the best colors to wear to corporate and training events. Blue is the right color to wear to work for these exact reasons.

Consider wearing a sexy blue dress on a new date to calm both yourself and your partner. The color combined with a more sensual tighter fit creates a contrast that teases but equally provides confidence in your loyalty to him.

Green Says You Are Serene And Soft.

Green is a color that is easy on the eyes and mind. A green dress often has a soothing and comforting effect on people around you. If you find that you pick green dresses and apparel quite usually, it is likely that you want to be well-liked and recognized. The color also indicates that you have a soft heart and are very caring.
Green dress wearers live an active social life, live in a good neighborhood, and are mindful of their social reputation and finances. Green is also the color that connected to life and nature, which means that you are probably an environment-conscious person and appreciate greenery. You are charismatic and have an aura of mystery at the same time.

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