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How does it work?

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Benefits Of Joining:

  • Huge discounts when you're shopping for your own.
  • The chance to become a platinum affiliate if you can generate enough sales.
  • Your own unique link and a discount code to promote us.
  • 20% commission on any orders placed within 30 days of someone following your unique link.
  • A dashboard to view your statistics and track your sales.
  • Weekly payments by PayPal.

Our Requirements:

  • Must be active on social media
  • Must provide the url in which you'll promote our products.
  • Must give us your present clothing size so you can look your best in our Gear.
  • Must tag us @gymcutiesworld in your Instagram posts and stories.

Analytics & Affiliate Dashboard:

Once you join our affiliate program, you'll get access to a simple dashboard in which you will be able to access:

  • Your unique URL: All the traffic that gets to our website through your unique links will be tracked so we can provide accurate analytics on your campaigns.
  • Affiliate Commissions: You'll be able to see how much commissions you earned in USD.
  • In-Depth reports: You can request a report to see all the details of your campaigns...

Tip:We recommend sending visitors to product pages and collection pages, so you can increase your chances of converting your traffic into passive income.

Platinum Affiliates:

We review affiliate accounts once each month, if you were performing very well, we'll upgrade your account to the Platinum Affiliate account which includes:

  • 30% commissions instead of 20%
  • Receive free products so you can take pictures and videos of them, and use it to promote us on your social media accounts. This increases sales by an average of 53%
  • Receive up to $3.000 USD monthly PayPal Cash and Gift Cards to share them with your friends and family.
  • Guidance on how to grow your social

Terms & Policies:

A- Holds & Payouts:

Payouts are paid every week. We will pay 80% Immediately, and we'll put a hold on the rest 20% in case of returned items.
If we get a return rate of 3% or more, we'll immediately put a hold on your commissions until we understand what's going on. The hold will be temporary (minimum 30 days; maximum 180 days) and you'll have access to your funds after your account is reviewed.

You need a verified PayPal account to receive your payment, however, if you can't apply for a PayPal account, we can send a Payment through Payoneer.
B- Promotional Methods:
You can promote our products the way you want as long as you won't abuse/spam people. We will need you to provide us with URLs of articles or social media posts in which you will be promoting our products. If you use email marketing, we'll need to subscribe to your email list to receive the emails you send. For other Promotional Methods, please contact us at to see if we support it or not.
C- Self-Dealing:
Buying through your affiliate link can cause in a permanent ban of your account especially if you're using a coupon. If you want to buy a product from us, contact us to avoid the 30-day cookie tracking, and we'll provide a link with a discounted price for you to buy the item you desire.
We don't mind sharing your affiliate link with family members.
D- Product Exclusion:
You can't offer your audience a coupon to a product that is already in a sale.
Products that are $5 USD or less are not eligible for commissions.
E - Account Termination:
We hold the right to terminate your account whenever we want without having to give any explanation.


1. What do I need to become an affiliate?

The only thing you need is a passion for our brand. Simply promote our products across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social networks and you'll get paid 20% commission on every sale you generate via your unique link.

2. How do I join the affiliate program?

Joining our affiliate program is easy and completely FREE. You don't have to pay to become an affiliate. Just complete the registration form and shortly after signing up, you will receive an email with your confirmation link to login to our dashboard. Here you will be able to track all of your activity.

3. How do I know I will be paid for my referrals?

The system we use tracks every person that clicks on your referral link using cookies and IP addresses. If a visitor purchases from us within 30 days of following your link, you are automatically credited with that sale and paid 20% of the purchase value in commission.

4. How will the commission be paid to me?

Our payment method to you is via PayPal. Payments are issued in USD (but of course will be converted if this is not your local currency) and are paid once per week.

5. When do I get my unique referral link?

As soon as you sign up to the affiliate scheme you will be automatically given a unique referral link. You can generate links to particular pages if you'd like to share a certain product with your audience. As long as the person clicks your link, you will be awarded the commission if they purchase from Gym Cuties.